February 3, 2023 12:00 am
Mon-Fri: 10am - 6pm EST


Guests 21 years and up (at the time of travel) can now book up to a quad occupancy SHARED interior, or ocean view cabin and pay only one cabin fare and one set of taxes and fees. You must contact us within 30 days of your initial booking if you wish to be matched with another RMP guest. After we match you with a roommate if there are any changes you wish to make contact us immediately (additional fees may apply). When match you with your roommate we will match you with someone of the same gender from our other guests in the program. Either way, you are only responsible for your share of the fare, fees and optional charges such as travel insurance.

Just contact us at Support@AventuraDanceCruise.com or 877-418-3931 to make this program work for you!


I’m already booked and I don’t have a cabinmate yet, how do I sign up?

Support@AventuraDanceCruise.com or 877-418-3931

How do I book?

To join the Roommate Match Program, please book a SHARED cabin (occupancy of your choosing). You will only be responsible to pay your portion and we will take care of the rest.

What cabin types are included in the RMP?

The RMP is available for SHARED Interior and Ocean View cabins.

Can I choose my cabin?

Yes, you can choose the category (SHARED Interior / Ocean View) but the location will be determined once your roommate has been assigned.

Who will be my roommate?

Another passionate dance fan! We will place you with another guest 21 years of age or older of the same gender who is also enrolled in the RMP. We are unable to accommodate any other specific requests. All staterooms are non-smoking.

What is the RMP rate?

Your rate will be the per-person rate as shown on the Pricing page under the column corresponding to your cabin type, plus the per-person taxes and fees.

When does this offer expire?

This offer automatically expires when the event is fully booked and on a wait list. ADC also reserves the right to close new enrollment into the program at anytime.

Can I book a triple (or quad or quint) if I would prefer to share with more guests?

This policy only applies to double, triple, and quad cabins.